4 Seasons Martial Arts Tour - 01/06/22 Promoter's Meeting

Meeting Minutes
  1. Badges/IDs for coaches was approved. They can take their test even the same day. We must number the ID cards. Test online or on the spot.
  2. Coaches pass cost $35, they can assign one-time-one-event-only coaches for $10. Promoters can subsidize a coach for $10 payable to the league.
  3. Prices on banquet for December can be submitted later.
  4. Questions for coaches will be similar that  USA Sport Karate.
  5. Scorekeeping/Coordinator/Registration Staff will be trained by watching Uventex training videos.
  6. Promoters will submit 3-5 questions each for the judges certification.
  7. Flyers of upcoming event must be shared on social media by all promoters and league.
Meeting Feedback
NOTE: Please respond to all questions to move forward with all tasks.
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