4 Seasons Martial Arts Tour Judge Application 2022

If you are at least 18 years old; and you hold a rank of black belt or black sash or instructor, or have otherwise been qualified by a recognized sport martial arts association as an official, we invite you to apply to be a 4 Season Martial Arts Tour judge.
If you have officiated before, great! please fill out the form again, as well as if it is your first time.

You will be contacted by email either way, whether your application is accepted or not. If accepted, your email will include a link to the rules and ring layouts being used, and information on your class, meeting times, judging schedule, and compensation.

Please fill out all applicable fields below, and check the boxes at the bottom confirming your attestation and agreement with the liability waiver.

Thank you for your interest in being a 4 Season Martial Arts Tour Official.


Please read carefully the following field information

In order to keep connected with the officials manager at all times, and to receive announcements, training and any information needed, we might a Facebook group just for officials. We will add you to that group with the email you used to create your Facebook account, please provide below.


I am a black belt or black sash or instructor level in my style and/or organization; or I have been qualified by a sports karate association or regulatory body that conducts and/or regulates tournaments similar to ISKA/NASKA events.

I have familiarized myself with the rules, regulations and protocol to be used at the next event in the 4 Seasons Martial Arts Tour, or I attest that I will do so before I arrive at the event. I agree to be bound by these protocols. I agree to attend all meetings and be present at all requested times; or if I must miss a scheduled time, to seek a waiver in advance from a 4 Seasons Martial Arts Tour staff member.

I understand I may receive compensation for my officiating duets at the event, and I agree I will be responsible for claiming said compensation as income and the payment of any taxes due; and that the 4 Seasons Martial Arts Tour will not withhold any funds from my compensation for these purposes.